Motherhood is Tough

Today has been quite a difficult one. The kids and I woke up and they seemed in a good enough mood. They said goodbye to daddy, and I thought to myself, “Today will be a relaxing, restful day. I will get a lot done.” Boy was I wrong. My little Muna kept dumping her breakfast out of her plate and throwing her cup unto the floor. Ugo was doing good during breakfast, but I realize he is coming down with some kind of cough or cold. Now this is especially difficult as we plan to go away for the weekend. My tummy churns at the thought of my little one being sick on our weekend away….

…hmmmm…..but I digress. After breakfast time, we laze around and then get ready for the day, but it seems like my little princess is little Miss Cranky Pants today. I tried to get some chores accomplished, but Muna kept grabbing at me. I tell you, I wanted to just run away screaming. Ok, lunch time was great for Ugo as he gobbled up his food, but my Muna, who is usually good with food, decided that she would scream and say “no.” How can a 1 year old be so opinionated? We made it through lunch and I decided to go to the store for some summer outfits. Geez, Ugo was in some giddy/mischievous mood. He ran around the store, was jumping on the cart, being obnoxious and I was in shock. I really thought the dreadful days were over.

As a thinking momma, I do not scream and lose my cool when my kids are in one of their moods. I will often take a second to think about the best course of action. After we checked out, I sat the kids in the car and tried to reason with my 4-year-old. He of course could not explain why he was so giddy at the store, but I explained to him why I did not appreciate the 4 strange behaviors that he exhibited. I could tell he felt bad because he became somber. On the drive back home, Muna fell asleep(Thank you Jesus) and I just wanted to cry.

Needless to say, the rest of the day went down the toilet. It is now 830pm and I sit here awaiting the arrival of my husband. Luckily the kids are in bed and I can only pray that tomorrow will be a  great day. Parenthood is like a roller coaster. Some parts are bumpy  and annoying, and other parts fill you with joy and exhilaration. All I can say is, I am happy to have a moment of peace.

To all the moms, dads and caregiver out there- I  doff my hat to you. Keep hope alive.

Thinking Momma over and out.


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