Unsolicited Pareting Tips

Alright thinking parents, I need some advice. have you ever been out and about with your kids, maybe hanging out with family or friends, and from out of the blue, some parent who has kids that are older than yours decides to bless you with his or her words of wisdom. The only thing is you did not ask them for their opinions because you are a perfectly capable parent? Well parents, that happened to me this weekend. don’t get me wrong,  I am not saying that I am a know-it-all or that I’m the best parent in the world, however, I think I have successfully raised a four-year old and everyone around me can testify that my kids are safe with me.

So back to my story. I was at a gathering that was loud and crowded, an everyone knows that some kids just do not like crowds. My Muna, who is a year old, is one of those kids. She is friendly when there are just a few people in the room, but when you place her in an unfamiliar environment with 30 strangers, she melts down. Let me tell  you. I was trying to calm her down and there were parents bugging me and asking, “is she hungry?” “Is she tired?” “maybe she’s hot.” “Maybe she’s not fully full.” I think I know my child’s temperament better than anyone. No, my child was not starving or hungry or dehydrated or hot!! She was just frightened by the crowd!!


So thinking parents, what is the appropriate way to react to such a situation?

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