Is Life Different with the second child?

when I had ugo, he was the center of my world. I was 22, young and doe-eyed. My husband and I were smitten the moment we met him in the wee hours of the morning. After pushing for 45 minutes (an threatening the doctor that I was gonna stop pushing) out came the most precious baby boy. A few months after Ugo was born, my husband was deployed for 7 months, and then came my taste of raising a child alone. That was such a big hurdle and I’m glad we made it through. Ugo and I have been through thick and thin together.

With Muna, it was peaches and rainbows. I had my husband on land with me the whole time. Her birth was quite dramatic (a story I will tell at a later date). But with my husband coming home daily, things are amazing. My hat goes off to single parents as it is just so difficult raising a child without extra hands to pitch in.

So with Ugo, I treated him like an egg. I was so careful about everything. With Muna, I am a bit less careful and I notice that  I allow her to explore and be more rough and tumble. Is this just me or do all parents do this?

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