Picky Eater

How do I  deal with my little picky eater? So my son Ugo has literally been trying to eat his lunch for 3 hours. I actually have no clue what to do. When it was time for lunch, he asked me what I was making, and I told him rice with chicken and plantain. He seemed to be fine with it, until it was time to actually eat the food. Because plantain is one of his favorite foods, he scraped all the plantain off the plate firs, and literally started eating his rice grain by grain. I often do not interfere with his meal eating strategies, rather I just let him do his own thing. After I was done eating my own lunch and doing several hundred chores, I realized Ugo had not eaten half of his food. I made sure the tv was off and we were eating in peace and quiet(to take away distractions). Who would have known that my son would sit at the table for 3 hours!!! I had no clue what say or do. I told him I was gonna give him a treat if he finished his food, but that was definitely not a good incentive for him. So in the spirit of being a thinking parent, how do I deal with a picky eater? Bear in mind that he would rather not eat any type of animal protein, dairy, bean, legume, tofu, fruit or vegetable. I cannot allow my child to live off of water, bread and chocolate (the three things he loves). HELP!!

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