“A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”

-Ruth Bell Graham

This quote speaks to me because in every relationship, whether it is a parent-child relationship, a friendship, a working relationship or a marriage, one partner will constantly say and do things that will disappoint and hurt the other. Love is not the absence of hurt or pain, rather it is the ability to act graciously in the presence of hurt and pain. If you plan to be married for a while, then plan to be able to address and feel hurt and pain. Of course I am not speaking of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, when I say hurt and pain. Remember what brought you two together in the beginning. Focus on the qualities you appreciate in one another. Marriage is like a rollercoaster-it has ups and downs, but if there are two willing and loving participants, you will get through the bumps together.

Think deeply about what you say and do to your partner because once the words have left your lips, you cannot take them back. Sometimes, no matter how much you apologize, those words will linger in the mind of your spouse. Do not let anger and frustration lead you to be cruel and unkind to your spouse. Always remember that marriage is not a battle-it is a team sport in which both partners are playing for the same side. If your partner loses, you lose, and if your partner wins, you win as well.

Have a fantastic Wednesday and Happy Independence Day to everyone!! Thank a serviceman and a servicewoman today for your freedom!!

Thinking Momma


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