Role Model

“Children are great imitators,  so give them something great to imitate.”


As a mother, I sometimes forget that my kids are always watching and always listening even when I  least expect them to be doing so. My one year old says a few words here and there, but because she can obviously not express herself like her brother, I sometimes forget that she actually understands English. She copies our mannerisms, dances like her brother, and will  now even say ‘thank you’ when given something. The other day, I was wondering where she learned these habits and I realized, well, duh!! She obviously is soaking up everything everyone around her says and does. Be very careful what you say and how you act around your children, for they will take those same behaviors and practice them with their little friends at school or on the playground. If you want your child to grow up to become a tout or a selfish adult, then treat the people around you in a selfish way. But, if you want your child to grow up to become responsible, respectful, respectable and polite, perhaps you should take a look at your character and edit yourself from time to time.

Also watch the company you keep, for your kids will copy Uncle Bob and Aunt Mary. When the TV is on and the music is blaring from the speakers, do you think your kids do not hear the lyrics and see the screen? Even though your child might be wandering around the living room and playing with toys when you watch your shows, know that they do pay attention. I once heard a 10-year-old sing a popular song that had the most colorful and adult lyrics money could buy. I was in shock. In this age of technology, TV,  MP3 players and the internet, you should be the monitor for your kids. Of course it is extremely tiresome to do so, but it is best that you are the one to safeguard your kids’ childhood and not allow them to be exposed to things that they are not mature enough for. You are the greatest role model for your children. Yes, everyone looks up to successful businessmen, presidents, athletes, actors and musicians, but above all, it is YOUR duty to set an example for your little ones.

Two more days until Friday!! The weekend is almost here.

I hope that was something to think about.

Thinking Momma 🙂


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