Burning Down The House

Yesterday was my cleaning day. I had intentions of cleaning every nook and corner of my house, but of course, with the work that comes from caring for two kids, I only ended up completing half of the work I thought I would. Usually, I put my kids to bed at 8pm, but my baby girl decided not to sleep until almost 9:30pm. By that time I was quite exhausted. Because my oven looked like an oily tsunami ran through it, I had the smart idea of using the self cleaning feature on my oven. I use my oven almost every day. I grill chicken, turkey, fish, chicken nuggets. I also bake and perform all sorts of experiments with the oven, so it often gets very dirty. Now my husband grilled some catfish and for some reason, the oven became an oily mess. Anyway, fast forward to the future. Shortly before going to bed, I decided to turn on the oven so it could self clean. BAD IDEA!! Now, whenever I turn on the self cleaning feature, I always do it at bed time because all the heat emitting from the over turns the house into a sauna, and it smells like an ashy volcano as well. But I’ve never self cleaned a greasy oven. For some reason, I had a bad feeling about my greasy experiment. I turned the oven on, then proceeded upstairs to get ready for bed. Ten minutes after I get upstairs, the fire alarm goes off. I run downstairs at top speed and notice that my oven is now on fire. Really? This is the first fire I have ever started in my life. Well, I simply turned the oven off and prayed that the small fire wouldn’t transform into a blaze. Because of the self cleaning thingy, the door was locked shut. In my mind, I imagined the fire bursting through the oven door, lighting my kitchen on fire and then setting the entire house ablaze. Luckily for me and my active imagination, the fire resolved itself. So, how do you even out an oil fire?

That’s all for now, hope everyone else had a safe weekend and no other fires were set. I hope I made you think.

Thinking Momma.


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