Hello everyone, it’s Wednesday again!! You know what that means- Another inspirational quote for you to chump on. I stumbled upon this quote and I really loved it and thought it would be appropriate for me to share with all my lovely people. So here it goes:

“Marriage is getting to have a sleep over with your best friend, every single night of the week.” -Christie Cook

I love this quote because it completely gels with my idea of what a marriage should be. Naturally, I am not too serious about life. I am often very playful and humorous because I think life should be enjoyed. I also like to drag my husband along for the humorous ride. Keeping in mind that my husband and I are best friends helps ward off any meanness and arguments that might be stirring in my heart. I believe that there is nothing wrong with having disagreements with one’s spouse, but the important part is fighting fair. Your spouse and you are two players on the same team. If both players cannot get along and play together, then the entire team will go down. The next time your husband or wife is getting on your nerves, remember that he or she is a player on your team. When we keep this in mind, I think it is easier to treat our spouse with grace. I have always believed that I can say anything to my husband, as long as I say it in a kind manner. The bottom line is treat your spouse the same way you would treat your very best friend. It is not a woman’s job to complain on end, rather we can speak the truth and clothe it in a compliment. I try not to spend my days complaining and talking at my husband. I have learned that encouraging my husband on end, showing him how much I appreciate him makes him more open to listen to my constructive criticism. I also try to pick my battles. I try not to complain about every single thing he does not do right. I only focus on the important ones and let the small stuff roll off my shoulder.

I would like to hear your thoughts about keeping the friendship alive in a marriage. Have a great week!!

Thinking Momma


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