Career Momma (Can women Have It All?)

For the past year, I have basically on a career hiatus. After having my son, I was a stay at home mom for almost two years before plunging into the waters of school. I had my daughter 3 months before graduating. After graduation, I felt so guilty for pouring so much time into school and starting a career that I took a long pause to breathe and focus on my kiddos. Now that my son will be starting school next week (omg!!! I don’t want to think about that) and my daughter is well over a year, I feel the call of work saying my name. Now it is my ultimate dream to be a mom who has it all. I want to have a fantastic, happy and fulfilling marriage, I want to be a hands on mom who is present for her kids and I also want a career(not a job, but A CAREER). I also want to make a decent income and climb up the career ladder steadily.

Now I am no fool. I am aware that having it all involves making a lot of sacrifices and being tired many a day, however I have always been someone that has desired to have it all. I am a big believer that women can have it all. I have the drive to work outside of the home AND maintain a great environment for my husband and kids. When I am home for too long, I find myself missing the working life, and when I am working for too long, I find myself missing home. Oh, the dilemma of being a working momma.

Anyway, I do know that we can have it all, I just have to figure out how to get there. So whenever anyone figures it out, please give me a shout out. I guess I’m in a funk because I’m trying to figure out my future. ARGGHH!!

I hope you all have your lives figured out.

Thinking Momma


3 thoughts on “Career Momma (Can women Have It All?)

  1. Just found your blog! I am a working mum and back home I am doing my 2nd “job” being a mum to 3 kiddos. I love my 2nd job more than my 1st. I guess the key is to find a balance. It takes time and planning and a super positive mentality, plus not forgetting me-time to wind down. Holding “2 jobs” is super tough, plus all the housework greeting you when you are home from work! We are not called super mums for nothing, but we all manage alright. There is bound to have sacrifices here and there, it’s how you plan it out to be and being sane at the same time. Sit down, think and write about your thoughts on priorities. Hope you manage alright!

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