First Day of School

My not so little one started kindergarten yesterday. Being that he’s a mega friendly boy, I knew he would be fine, but I was still nervous. I was cared that he would be mad when I woke him up at 6am to get ready and eat breakfast. I was scared that his teacher might not like him or that he would not fit in with the other kids. I  was also scared that he might not be  as capable as the other kids. In my head I was like: “what if he gets thirsty while in class, will he tell anyone or just get dehydrated?” “what if he needs to use the bathroom? Will he be too shy to tell his teacher?” “I hope he does not pee on himself and get laughed at by all the other kids.” ” what about lunch time? will he be able to eat his lunch?” “What if he is uncomfortable?” “Will his legs cramp on those miniscule doll chairs that they sit on?”

Oh, all the worrying I did yesterday. I spent the entire day at work wondering how my son was doing and praying he would be okay. When I picked him up after school, I knew he had a good day because he was running around without a care in the world and he had a he smile on my face. He did not seem to miss me (which made me happy). He told me all about his day, and his teacher was nice enough to send home a sort little update stating that my kiddo had a “Rootin’ tootin’ scootin’ day at school.” That warmed my heart and now I am confident that all the hard work with him has paid off. Although it is scary to unleash my child into the big bad world, it has to be done. We cannot shelter him forever and school will teach him essential social skills he definitely cannot learn in the living room of our house.

To all the nervous parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents out there-just let your little man or little man go and trust that he or she will be okay. f you have taught your kids well and picked the right school environment, then all you can do is guide them and hope or the best.

I shall sleep like a log this weekend because I can finally breathe normally. The first day of school is over and I can finally make my switch back from worried momma to thinking momma.

One thought on “First Day of School

  1. This is exactly how I felt when my step-son started kindergarten. One time he even pooped his pants because he didn’t tell the teacher how bad he needed to use the bathroom; he thought he would get in trouble if he asked to get up during his assignment. I think every kindergartener faces their challenges but, I’m so glad that your little guy made the best of his first day and hope there are many more great ones to come!

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