The Lies Parents Tell

“Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they’re going to catch you in next.”
-Franklin P. Jones

Yes, yes, it is true that I sometimes lie to my son. What else am I supposed to say when he asks me why he should eat his vegetables? I of course say, “Eat your vegetables because mommy eats all hers and they will make you big and strong.”

-When I tuck him in to bed at night, he often asks, “Mommy can you lay here with me?” I often say, “Yes I will, let me just run downstairs to grab some water.”

-Some days I promise to take him out for a treat if he accomplishes something great. Now, knowing my overzealous African child, he obviously goes above and beyond the call of duty when the gauntlet has been thrown. So when he comes to collect his well deserved prize, I sometimes will say “We will go out for your treat tomorrow.” Arrrghhh. I feel so bad lying, but sometimes I feel like the truth takes too long or I just have no clue how to tell the truth. With time, I feel like I can confidently pass a polygraph without telling a single truth. I am now the master of lies and of course he catches me in my web of deceit quite often.

Help me. I am now addicted to little white lies. And yes, he does sometimes scold me. No one said moms have to be perfect.

Enjoy the rest of your week. It’s almost Friday!!!!

Lying Thinking Momma


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