Before I became a mom, I loved to sleep. I could easily sleep for 10 straight hours with no problem. I did like to be up early, but I would be in bed by 9pm. Even while I was in college, I was never much of a party girl ‘cos I loved my sleep. So of course, when I had my son, I was so surprised how little sleep I was getting. When I would have to feed my son every 2 to 3 hours, I thought I would go crazy. How on earth was I expected to function with little to no sleep? How on earth is that humanly possible? Then when I went back to school, I had to take care of my son, take care of my home, find time to study and still not get sleep while doing all those things. Now my son is almost 5 and he’s sleeping pretty well, but my 17 month old of course has decided that she is not interested in sleeping for 8 straight hours. I MISS MY SLEEP!!!! I dream of the day when I can be in bed by 10pm and wake up by 9am. Yes!! 11 hours of continuous sleep on the weekends will be the dream. But until that day comes, I will like to know how other parents cope with the strange sleep schedule that is a part of the parenting job description. I need all the advice I can get because this no sleep thing is rough on me.

Sleepy Thinking Momma


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