Momma got her sleep back


Now, some of you know that my sleep woes run deep. Ever since I have had my kids, sleep has been a very scarce commodity in my life. Not because I have insomnia or sleep apnea or any other kind of condition. No. It is because my children have conspired against me to ensure that I will not get a full night’s sleep ever.  I dream about sleep, I wish for sleep, and I pray for it, but all to no avail. My children are extremely active and both decide that it is a crime for me to sleep. Last night after the long work week, I found myself exhausted and of course I willingly crashed after the kids were tucked in. To my surprise on Saturday morning, Muna and Ugo come crashing into our room at an ungodly hour!!  Why am I even surprised that these kids wake up before the sun has a chance to even think about rising? after all they do it every day. Why on earth do kids feel the need to be up at the crack of dawn? Why? I was so tired and could barely bring myself to open my eyes. Luckily for me, I am married to my charming prince who decided to get the kids out of my hair and allow me to get some extra snooze hours. You know he knows that a happy wife equals a happy home, so he decided to step in and rescue me. Let me tell you. I have never felt more refreshed. He whisked the kids off to God knows where, made breakfast for us all, and entertained them for what seemed to me like 50 hours. When I finally opened my rested eyes at 10am, the smell of breakfast led me to the kitchen where daddy and the 2 kiddos were playing and laughing. oh, life is sweet. Now I am lazying around the house, playing with these 2 balls of energy as the cool breeze blows against my face. Life is sweet today 🙂

Tell me about your post baby sleep

Rested Thinking Momma

P.S: The image above is not mine.


3 thoughts on “Momma got her sleep back

  1. My son straight out of the womb decided that I would never sleep again. If he sleeps until 7 I know my day is going to be good. I totally understand your sleeping woes. It just goes to show what an awesome mom you are.

    Momma T

  2. My son straight out of the womb decided I would never sleep again. I know if he sleeps in until 7 that is is going to be a good day. I totally understand your sleeping woes. It just goes to show what a good mom you are!

    Momma T

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