Potty Training Adventures

13868682_201308291502[1]Hello everyone!! Happy Monday!!

Let’s talk about potty training. Now potty training my son was quite easy. I actually started him on the potty at ten months and he took to it easily. By the age of 2, he was able to let me know when he needed to use the potty. After he got comfortable on the potty, we slowly transitioned to the actual toilet. Of course he had accidents here and there, but for the most part he did really well. I have heard several stories about how boys are not able to potty train as fast as girls, but that was not my experience.

Of course I know that no two kids are alike, so I decided not to start Muna off at 10 months like I did with her brother. Looking back, starting a child on the potty at ten months is extremely premature, however Ugo was ready and happy to use the potty. With Muna, I decided to start her off whenever I felt she was ready. When she was about 13 months, I decided to buy a potty just so she could get familiar with it. I had her just play around it and stare at it. She seemed intrigued by the contraption, but of course had no clue what it was. Now that she’s almost 18 months, I decided to have her sit on it daily. She sits on it, laughs, holds a book in her hand and has a jolly good time. So far she has only actually used it once, and when she did, she appeared to be terrified. She is comfortable sitting on it, but she won’t actually go number 1 or number 2.

This morning, as I was getting her brother ready for school, I had Muna sit on the potty as usual. She seemed happy enough, which made me happy. Lo and behold, I hear Muna scream, “Potty, oh no.” And it was as if my life flashed before my eyes. This was because My dear little Muna had pooped on the floor. The poor thing appeared embarrassed and started to cry for her daddy. She said out loud, “Daddy, eewwwww, Daddy, eewwww.” It was almost as if she was disgusted with herself. I felt so bad. All we could do was clean up the mess, hose her down and comfort her.

And so begins one of many stories I shall bring you about our potty training adventures….Brace yourselves.

Messy Thinking Momma

P.s: The potty pictured above is the Fisher Price stepstool potty. I got mine from Target.


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