Living Out Your Dreams


Hello All!!

I hope everyone is having  a fantastic and relaxing weekend. I was thinking last week about the importance of living out my dreams. Because of that, I decided to actually sit down and write out all the dreams I have for myself- I am talking financial, emotional, career, physical, health, marital, spiritual, etc. I wrote out every dream imaginable. I even wrote down those dreams that I really do not believe I will be able to accomplish. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always believed within myself that I was born to do something bigger than myself. Now, I am not talking about becoming rich and famous. I am talking about being born to do something greater than myself or my surroundings and circumstances. If I do not allow myself to dream bigger than what I can see with my eyes, then I will not allow my children to dream up things that are bigger than they are. I believe that people around me that achieve things that are noble and great, are no different than I am. They have two hands, two legs and one brain. Yes, a lot of them have been lucky to be able to rub shoulders with people of influence, however, they are human beings just like me.

I encourage everyone to sit one day and write out your goals for yourself or your goals for your kids and family. Have you stopped dreaming because of life’s circumstances? What message are you passing on to your kids? Do you give them the impression that the only thing they can achieve is mediocrity? Or do you make them believe that they can push the limits society and circumstance have placed upon them? Are you raising your kids to think that their lives should be lived within the boundaries of a square? Or that life is fluid and flexible? Why can’t your child be the one to cure cancer, to negotiate peace between nations or to be the first person in your family to get a doctorate degree ? Why can’t you be the first one in your family to break negative and hurtful cycles? I believe these dreams can all become reality, but we have to dream first. He who cannot dream will not be able to achieve much, for it is when we allow ourselves to dream, that we allow ourselves to fight to break down walls and do great things. I intend not to teach my kids to be helpless. I plan to help them to know who they are. And who they are is this- they are children of great ancestors who were able to overcome unmentionable trials and come out  unbroken. They are flawed people who regardless of those flaws, and regardless of what labels people put upon them, will be comfortable in who they are, walk with heads held high and achieve beyond their capability. But before I bring my kids to believe those words, I have to believe them, and I have to be able to dream for myself.

So parents, grandmas, grandpas, aunties, uncles and caretakers, I urge for you to dream and teach your kids that they are greater than the boundaries that have been built around them. For if you are not the one to tell them that, they might never believe it.

Have a restful weekend,

Thinking Inspired Momma

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