Keep It Simple Parents!

When my son turned 1, we threw him a huge birthday bash. In our minds, we thought, “He is our only child, so we are going to spare no expense to make sure this party is the best ever.” Uhm. No. Epic Fail. Turns out that our son slept through most of the party, was terrified of the expensive cake we chose and really did not care for all the hoopla. I mean we had the most amazing goodie bags ever, a DJ, games planned out(but never executed), a sea of assorted food and drinks. Why is it that my son did not care for my extravaganza? Well, maybe it was because he was only a year old and one year olds really do not care about expensive knick knacks. All they care for is the simple things in life.

Four years later, my son is now 5 and I learned my expensive lesson. We decided to throw another party for him. Now, I decided to keep it as simple as possible. With the previous epic fail looming over my head, I had to redeem myself.  I asked myself what my son enjoyed, and It was so easy-he LOVES the park. He also loves pizza, cupcakes and all things bite sized. It was a no brainer. I decided I wanted to keep the guest list to a maximum of 40 people. Now 40 people at a kid’s party might sound like a lot, but I probably had close to 100 people at his first birthday party, so I was being modest.

I sat him down and brainstormed with him. He told me what snacks he wanted, and of course, they were all inexpensive. I also went to the store with him to pick out invites. He told me the kids he wanted to invite, and operation 5th birthday party was a go.

When the day of the party came, my son was bouncing off the walls with excitement. All his little friends and their families came trickling in, and we actually had no paid entertainment. We were at a wonderful park that had all the entertainment a kid needs- slides, rocking horses, jungle gyms, swings, and so much more. The kids came to the food table when they got hungry, and scurried back off to play when they were full. It was a kid’s paradise and a sugar fest. The parents also had a great time socializing. It was easy to watch the kids as the park was kind of small. It was almost as if it was our own private island.

When the day was over and the sun went down, clean up took about 10 minutes. We rolled all the food in the disposable table liner and simply threw it in the bin. So parents, when you want to do something special for your kids, just keep it simple. I have realized that kids really do not care about price tags. All they want to do Is have some fun. Tailor the festivities to your kids’ likes, and fun will soon ensue. Lesson learned.

From now on, I will keep it simple and not overthink things.

Happy Thinking Momma

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