Sibling Rivalry

When I was younger, I wondered why my mom yelled so much. I grew up with 2 older brothers and all we ever did as kids was hit one another, play pranks and yell. In public we were very well behaved but at home we were monsters. My poor working mother did everything she could to keep the home running smoothly, but we kiddos chose to run amuck all through the house, so our mom really had no choice but to yell a lot to keep us in line. Most times, I honestly just tuned her out and thought her yelling was hilarious. Flash forward 20 something years and now I am the screaming momma. My kids really love one another, but they have days wen they get on each other’s nerves and just can’t stop hitting each other. My son will lure his sister toward a  toy, and as soon as she comes closer, he takes the toy away and laughs. Of course this upsets his sister, who then proceeds to hit him as hard as she can. I spend days putting out fires and saying “Don’t hit each other!!!” Is it humanly possible to parent without yelling? The older my kids get the more yelling I do. I feel I just need to do it to keep them from killing each other. Is there anybody out there that has successfully raised kids without yelling? If so, please sell me your secrets.

Thinking Momma


2 thoughts on “Sibling Rivalry

  1. Thinking momma,I do with a crazy look, but I do understand that it works different ways for different folks. Good job! You really write good and I know I am your number one fan.

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