Happy New Year!!

It’s been two months since I have put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) on this blog. I have been busy as a bee. I’ve been swamped with work, busy with the kids and trying to spend more quality time with my hubby. I decided to take a break in December to just take stock of my life, reenergize and get back to my center. But now I’m recharged and back with a huge bang. Well Happy New Year to you all. I hope your 2014 will be filled with laughter, joy, fulfilled dreams and lots of success.

So what are your resolutions for the year? I often do not make any resolutions, but as I get older, I have decided that I need to be more organized and goal oriented. One way I can do this is by organizing all my hopes and dreams on one page. I set a challenge for my husband and I. Although he has yet to fulfill his end of the bargain, I’ve done mine. I wrote down all my goals for the year and divided them according into several categories. I find that writing resolutions this` way is less overwhelming for me.  I had spiritual goals, career goals, goals for my marriage, fitness goals and goals as a parent. I handwrote them on printer paper and pasted them on my closet door. When your goals are in front of your face on a daily basis, you will be more motivated to accomplish them. My goals were really simply written and specific. For example, one of my fitness goals is to work out 4 times a week. I plan to do 2 days of cardio and two days of strength. My goals were not too lofty because if they are too difficult, I will be too discouraged to even attempt them.

I need some encouragers. I started the year happy with a great outlook and I’m looking forward to achieving some big things. So dare to dream, dare to work hard. What is that thing you’ve always wanted to accomplish but have been to scared to try? Come join me in the year of challenging yourself. I think a dream, a plan and hard work always equals success. My plan is to write down my dreams (check), make solid plans on how I intend to accomplish them (check), then take small steps daily to actually accomplish them.

Come join me. Happy New Year again boys and girls!!!!

Inspired Thinking Momma

P.S: One of my goals is to have weekly blog entries so look forward to many more ramblings from me.


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