Mommy Rage


Ok, so maybe I exaggerate a little bit, but do other moms out there experience mommy rage? You know that thing that comes over your body and you flip out over stupid little things? Yesterday was the perfect day. I got back from work and all was well with the world. My kids were happy, there was no fighting or screaming going on, they ate their dinners happily and we were all able to make it to bed at a decent hour. Oh may I also add that I had the best muscle bending arm workout I’ve had ever? Let’s just say I was feeling so great. I went to bed feeling like a queen.

So today began and I was feeling good about my day, that is until for some weird reason I started running behind schedule and my son ran the risk of being tardy to school. Look, over my dead body will any child of mine be dropped off late by me. I just can’t do it, so every morning we have to hustle. I give myself an hour and twenty minutes to get my kids up and out of the door. I mean showers, teeth brushing, breakfast eating, packing of lunch, etc. It is all done within that time limit. I have my system and I am proud of it.

So tell me why my son (who is only 5) is dilly dallying at the breakfast table. He’s eating his pancakes slower than a snail on meds. Then I look to the floor and realize that half his food has not made it to his mouth. Boy oh boy, I started yelling like a crazy person. My son was looking at me like I was a lunatic, and my 1 year old just ignored me. Is it just me or do you flip over the littlest things some days? Be honest guys. It should be no surprise to me that my son is a messy eater, but why on earth did I flip this morning?

Well I felt like a loser driving him to school so I sheepishly apologized. I hate that I probably ruined his morning. I think he was still mad at me when he entered his class and I was secretly hoping he would tell his teacher that his mom has lost it. Do y’all think I’ve lost it? Be honest.

Slightly Demented Apologetic Thinking Momma


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