Why Do Little Girls Love Their Daddies?

imagesA303HNHKI have often heard that little girls love their daddies, but I never knew how true it was until I had a little girl of my own. You see, I grew up with both parents in the home and I was the youngest of three. I had two older brothers who really did adore our mom. I never really had a bond with my dad. He provided for me, did the best he could and was there for all my school plays and extracurricular activities, but I wouldn’t say that I was really attached to him. I was joint at the hip with my mom. Even till this day, I am my Mama’s baby. So I was highly skeptical when people told me that little girls grow up to love their daddies. I don’t hate my dad, I just am not that close to him.

But it is a different story in our house. My little soon-to-be two-year-old LOVES her daddy. I mean once he walks into the house, it is like I no longer exist. She gives him endless hugs, sloppy wet pecks, dances with him and is just all over him until bed time. I mean the man cannot even go to the bathroom without our Lady Hurricane bursting into tears and saying in that mousey voice, “Wait daddy!!” Don’t get me wrong, they have their squabbles. I mean they argue like cats and dogs. It’s the weirdest thing to behold-a grown man arguing with a strong-willed 1-year-old, but right after the arguing is over, out Little Lady Hurricane (as we call her), will say to him “I wadi daddy,” meaning, “I’m sorry Daddy” and will give him a soft kiss on the knee. You see she kisses him on the knee when she thinks he’s upset with her, but will plant a soft one on his face when she knows they are on good terms.

She knows she is the center of his world and she just can’t get enough of her daddy. She has many moments when she sits on his knee and commands him, “Look daddy!” This command means, “Daddy do not talk to anyone else, do not even look at anyone else. Just focus on me.” And if he looks at someone else, our Hurricane begins to squirm in anger. Where does this bond come from? Is it really true that little girls have a special attachment to their daddies? What’s your story of attachment with your dad?

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2 thoughts on “Why Do Little Girls Love Their Daddies?

  1. I was like that when I was little. A girl’s father is her first male bond. Her first love. How he treats her dictates how she will view men and all male relationships. If he treats her well, most likely she will end up with a man who treats her the same. My dad was my everything when I was a little girl, and my boyfriend reminds me a lot of him. Good and bad. 😀

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