I want you to find a husband now (Before your eggs melt).


I grew up in a culture that preached a conflicting message to me. With one breath my parents would say, “Get an education, become and independent woman, strive to shatter barriers.” But in another breath, I heard, “You have to learn to cook and clean for your husband.” “Is this the way you intend to act when you go to your husband’s house?” Mind you I was a teenager when all this husband talk was being thrown at me.

The subliminal message sent to me was that getting a husband was the be all and end all of my life. As soon as I graduated university, the expectation was for me to hook a man. So let’s get this right. I’m expected to get a PhD, make a 6 figure salary, be a domestic goddess, carry the flag for all independent women, and still find time to hook a husband? When do I get time for me? What about my own wants, goals and desires?

The pressure is endless. My parents were also counting as I lost eggs each month. Luckily, I got married probably earlier than they expected me to, so I escaped all their husband lectures, but I feel bad for the millions of women who would be happy without a husband, but the idea of finding a husband at all cost is shoved down their throats daily.

To parents everywhere: Let your kids live!! Stop reminding your girls that their biological clocks are ticking. It is hard enough to try to establish one’s career  in this competitive world without the added stress of finding a husband is placed on your head. Instead of pressuring girls to get married, why not teach them how to have nurturing, healthy relationships.

What are your thoughts on the issue of pressuring women to get married by a certain time and age? Comment below


Thinking Momma


2 thoughts on “I want you to find a husband now (Before your eggs melt).

  1. I got the same lecture. My mom always told me to do all the things I wanted to do before having kids/husband. I didn’t think I’d ever have kids, and they kind of gave up on me, so when I announced my pregnancy, they were over the moon. Marriage was never a pressure for me, though… it was more like I was advised NOT to do it. 😀

    • That’s very interesting. I was basically counting all my eggs each month to make sure they were still fresh. I’m sure glad that not all girls feel the pressure to walk down the aisle. Thank for commenting. 🙂

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