Surviving A Job You Hate


It is every person’s dream to have a fulfilling career, but what happens when you find yourself stuck in a job you hate? Well, do not despair. Many a person has gone through this and come out alive, and you can too. Here are some useful tips.

1) Have some good coping skills: Do not let your work consume you. Even if you work 40 to 60 hours a week, find some hobbies outside your job to take the stress away. When you leave your job, leave everything work related at the job site. On your drive home DO NOT use your useful mental space thinking about your pointless job or your annoying boss. Never bring work home!!

2) Use vacation days wisely: Use up every last vacation day you have. Your body will thank you for this. Plan a fun trip with your friends, your spouse or even go alone. Spend the entire year dreaming about your ideal vacay and make it happen. If money is tight, find fun economical things to do locally.

3) Find a venting buddy: Some of us love to decompress after work by telling others what a crappy day we have had. Yes, this contradicts my first tip, but if I do not vent off my frustration to a friend, I might go mad. Limit your venting sessions though. Don’t spend an hour a day talking about the job you hate. Stick to maybe 10 minutes day. After you’re done whining and complaining, put the day behind you and move on.

4) Find a new job: If all else fails, put yourself back on the market. Most people do not have the luxury of quitting on the spot, so make an exit strategy. Slowly re-do your resume, browse websites to see what’s out there. Go for interviews to get the hang of the hiring process. Ask around to see if someone you know is hiring or knows someone who is hiring. Never let a job you hate eat away at your soul piece by piece.

5) Positive affirmations: While you are still looking for your dream job, let your work space be a zen area. Even if you work in a cubicle, write out positive quotes on sticky notes and plaster them all over your work area. I like to listen to positive music on bad days to get my thinking back on track. Let’s be honest, if you spend majority of your time thinking negatively, this will translate to negative moods and even eventually bad physical health. Do not let your job steal your joy. Hang around positive coworkers who can bring light to your day. Say positive things to yourself to get you through the work day.

I hope the above tips helped. How do you survive a job you hate? Comment below and hit the like button.

Have a great Monday!!

Positive Thinking Momma

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