Career Momma

Well, I have a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy and I am on the path to licensure. To cut the long story short, I am required to get 3,000 clinical hours before I can sit for the Board exam. Now, I have hit a few snags in the road on my journey to licensure. As a mom, I am constantly torn between my family and my career. Momma guilt hits me hard in cycles. I have this intense desire to succeed in my field as I am so passionate about helping families and children overcome their relational and personal struggles, however, I am also of the belief that it is my job as a wife and a mother to create a safe, loving, welcoming and stable environment for my husband and my kids. I sometimes feel guilty leaving my kids in the hands of another person as I walk out of the door to help families that are falling apart. I have never been someone who could be a stay at home mom, for it is sooooo difficult. Two years after Ugo was born, I stayed at home, and I was as depressed as a dog without a bone. I feel the need, the itch, the calling, the urge, to go out of the home and work. It provides me with balance, joy and a sense of fulfillment. I enjoy juggling my personal life and career life. Now, let me say that I am still in the process of figuring out how to juggle both appropriately(whomever can provide me with the secret to this juggling act, I will forever be grateful to you).

But I digress. So in my head, I thought to myself that I would be licensed 3 years after graduation, but now, I am a year post graduation and I feel like I am not hitting my mark. So here is my question to all you career mommas and dad out there: how are you able to meet all your career goals amidst the business of caring for a family? And if you do not hit your career goals when you do want to hit them, how do you stage a comeback?

Thanks for listening (or reading) 🙂

Thinking Momma


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