Is Breastfeeding Gross?


When I was growing up, I must have seen thousands of women breastfeeding their kids. The African woman is not ashamed to feed her child on command. Because I grew up seeing this, I thought nothing of it. When I became a mom, it was a no brainer for me to breastfeed. It was just what all the women around me had done. I knew it had many benefits, and since my body was producing so much of nature’s wonderful nectar, I decided to give it a go.

Now breastfeeding had so many ups and downs. The up part for me was that breast milk eliminated all colic signs from both my kids. My son, who had the most sensitive tummy of all, went through so many different types and brands of formula. After a while he was put on hypoallergenic formula, but when I got sick of it all, I just gave him breast milk exclusively. He loved the taste of breast milk, it never upset his tummy, and he was gaining weight like normal. My daughter also had digestive issues which breast milk also eliminated. It was a win win. 

The down part was just weird. First of all, I had days when I was just sore sore sore. My son would latch on with full jaw power and my lovely lady udders would just burn with pain. Also, for some reason, people looked at me like I was a pervert. What is so wrong about a person breastfeeding in public? If I am all covered up and doing it discreetly, is it still bad? Some restaurants won’t let women breastfeed in their establishment. So I can enjoy your wonderful gourmet food but my baby needs to starve? How does that make sense? Some people think women should breastfeed in the bathroom. Would you eat in a nasty public restroom? Why should my baby have to do so? Others argue and say, “Why don’t you pump?” Well pumping isn’t for everyone. I say, “If you don’t like me breastfeeding my child and providing him or her with natural wholesome milk, then look away.”

Word to the wise: There is nothing sexual or wrong with breast feeding. It is completely natural and healthy for babies. If a mom chooses to do so, please do not make her feel like a leper. Let the woman live.

I have had to hide in my car, I’ve had to hide in changing rooms and I’ve had to sneak around like a thief so that my kids could be provided with nourishment. Luckily with my second child, I was able to pump for a whole year and I did not have to endure weird looks from people.

Breast feeding is not gross in my own opinion. It is simply a woman providing her precious little one with nourishment. Breast feeding has multiple benefits and a woman should not be punished for making that choice. I, luckily, was able to breastfeed both my kids for a year each and I’m proud of it.

To all the breast feeding mamas- More power to you!! Don’t let weirdos make you feel bad for your choice. What are your honest thoughts about breast feeding?

Happy Thinking Momma.

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