It’s Friday!! My favorite day of the week. Afer work, it will be time to unwind, let my hair down, rent a movie and kick back with my hubster (my husband). I love Fridays because they remind me of the long weekend ahead and a life with no responsibilities. Actually the no responsibilities part is just a bold-faced lie. A parent will always have responsibilities. But Fridays sure do make me elated!!

One great thing that my husband and I have in common is our love for movies. We love comedies first, thrillers second, and then we love everything by Tyler Perry. From time to time I sneak in a good sci-fi movie. I am a sucker for anything X-men and Star Wars related. It is just my duty to pay attention to those.

With our busy schedules we try hard to stay connected. All throughout the day, while we are both at work, we both like to check in to see how the other is doing. I will send a quick text or he will call me for 5 mins. Once we get home, we try to do a quick overview of how our days went. We have this grand rule: Leave your frustrations at the door. This means, no matter how horrible or tragic your work day was, when you walk into our home (our sanctuary, our place of peace), you will put on an armor of tranquility and not dirty our sacred space with your yucky feelings. We are able to talk things through and vent to one another, while maintaining a calm, and happy attitude. He is my sounding board, and I am the same for him, so it works well. Because I have been able to create a safe space at home, I think it leaves my husband wanting to rush home after work. I believe that if you treat your husband with uttermost care and make the house a home, he will long to come home to you daily.

I give him the respect that he is due, affirm him, support him and treat him like my buddy, my ally and my best friend. This formula has seemed to work for us. I believe this is the foundation for a happy marriage. We are also able to talk to one another about everything and anything. If he does or says something that irks me, I am able to pull him aside and lovingly air out my feelings. I do not talk down to him, yell at him or throw low blows. I have learned how to be civil and fair in our relationship. He does the same to me. We actually rarely argue or fight. We have learned to agree to disagree but still not let disagreements soil our mood. We strive for each day to be greater than the last and we aim for our kids to learn what it is to be a great spouse by watching both of us. My daughter will learn what a good woman is by watching me, and how a man should treat her by watching her dad. My son will learn how to talk to and treat a woman, by watching his dad and what a woman should be like by watching me.

Every step we make is important in building a good future for our kids. I’m so grateful that my marriage is at the point that it is. I have learned my husband and he has learned me, and we stay away from each other’s buttons. We laugh together, pray together and uplift each other. We are two goof balls who rarely take anything seriously and this keeps us sane. I know his hopes and dreams, he knows mine and we are walking to the top hand in hand.

What is your secret for a successful marriage?


Happy Thinking Momma