Why I Will NEVER Get A Dog


I have to say, I am a dog lover. There is something that warms my heart when I see a furry silhouette walking by me. I actually grew up owning dogs at several times in my childhood. My dogs were not my pets, they were pretty much my friends. As a teenager, I spent many a day petting, brushing and spoiling my doggies. But sadly, my dogs eventually succumbed to old age and had to be put to sleep because they were in so much pain and were so sick that no one could do anything for them. It was the humane thing to do. I remember the day my mom called me to tell me that the dogs had to be put to sleep. I tell you, my mind was in agony for a while. Both dogs were about 10 years old, so they had been in my life for quite a while.

Now let’s fast forward 5 years later. My son is now dog obsessed and begs me constantly for a dog. Being that he is 5, he will not bear any of the burden that comes with caring for a dog. Look, I have 2 kids and a husband and I have no desire to take on the responsibility of caring for another being. As much as a dog will bring joy to our household, who will wash said dog? Who will bathe him/her? I cannot imagine what will become of me when the friendly dog reaches a ripe old age. Will I have to endure the trauma of losing my dog all over again? My weary heart does not grieve well. I also shudder at the thought of scooping up mounds of animal waste. No thank you sir!! My life is busy enough with juggling family and career that I can’t make space in my heart for one more thing.

Might I also add that my husband and daughter are not the most dog friendly people? My husband shudders every time a four legged creature looks in his direction, and our daughter pretty much has an anxiety attack at the sound of a barking dog. So you see boys and girls, although I love dogs and I think they are God’s gift to us, I will NEVER EVER become a dog owner.

Any thoughts on owning a dog? As usual, comment below 🙂 .

Non-Dog-Owning Thinking Momma


Potty Training Success


My daughter will be 2 years old next month and I really can’t believe how fast she’s growing. She has been a little chatterbox for the past 6 months. She can tell us all her wants and needs, express her feelings in clear words and basically rule a small country (okay I exaggerate, but we know every mother thinks her child is Einstein’s descendant).

Because she always seems irritated when she soils her diaper and she can tell us before she goes in her diaper, I just assumed she was ready to potty train. Her brother wasn’t talking as well at that age, but he had been using the potty since he was 10 months old. I just thought, potty training would be a breeze for her. And so many moms claim that girls potty train easily. Nope!! It wouldn’t be my life if things ran as planned. My little opinionated princess has told me that the potty is “Eeeewwww!!! Dirty!!! Nasty!!!” Point well taken. I just knew the idea of relieving herself in a small pink princess potty was a no go. So I ditched the potty and chose to respect her wishes. My mom said I never went in a potty, so maybe there’s a genetic potty aversion syndrome in my family.

One day as my husband and I were walking the aisle at Big Lots we spotted a section that had lots of cushy toilet seats. We had her choose the one she liked (she chose Minnie Mouse) and we bought it. It was about $7 so we were both ecstatic (We meaning my husband and I. Our little girl couldn’t care less). From that day on we had her sit on the toilet and she didn’t make any disgusted remarks, so I thought “Wow! This might just work.” No it didn’t. The little miss can sit on the toilet all day but refuses to go.

Imagine my amazement when this morning as I’m applying eye makeup and getting ready for work, I hear my child say, “Help Mommy!” As I draw closer to the bathroom I smell something putrid. Alas my opinionated princess went number 2 IN THE TOILET!!! I can’t express enough how elated, excited, happy and overjoyed I was and still am.

Next thing she said was “Mad!!” Yes she was mad that I had the boldness to make her poop in the toilet. She refused to give me a high 5 and did not give me eye contact for about 5 minutes after that (her punishment for my cruel potty training ways). But there is hope. Maybe my baby will someday be potty trained. I was ready to resign to a life of diaper changes. I even had thoughts of her as a kindergartner still wearing diapers.

Moms and dads there is hope for you. If you are patient enough your little one will be potty trained some day (Just not at the speed, at the time or in the way you want. Those little ones know exactly what they want and we cannot rush the process).

Enjoy your Thursday

Happy Thinking Momma

Let Me Tell You About My Weekend


So it is now 8:30pm on a Sunday night and I sit here reminiscing about the weekend I had. Now of course, I am aware that kids catch germs and weird bacteria when they are around other kids, but I did not think it will happen this quickly. My son has technically been a kindergartner for less than 2 weeks, and he is now sick!!!!! Oh boy. The poor thing has an itchy throat, is coughing up a storm and his nose is running like a fountain. Last night, his body was extremely warm. The joys of sending your child to school 😦

Now when I thought life was already bad, Muna gets sick too 😦 Poor thing has only been mildly sick once in the past 17 months of her life, and now she has a full blown cold. Her nose won’t stop running, she is sneezing constantly, and cranky like nobody’s business. Now on the weekends, I like to cook and clean so that I can start my week off stress free. NOPE!! CHANGE OF PLANS. Both my kids clung to me for life the entire weekend. This means I got little to no sleep, I am cranky like a baby, and generally upset. If you see me out and about, I urge you to cross the street for I am just not in the mood.

No one said motherhood was easy. Just like some of my weekends are heavenly and full of bliss, this one was the weekend from hell. Well, let’s cross our fingers and hope the week ahead brings me good luck. I hope you all had a better weekend than I did.

smile 🙂

cranky Thinking Momma

The Lies Parents Tell

“Children are unpredictable. You never know what inconsistency they’re going to catch you in next.”
-Franklin P. Jones

Yes, yes, it is true that I sometimes lie to my son. What else am I supposed to say when he asks me why he should eat his vegetables? I of course say, “Eat your vegetables because mommy eats all hers and they will make you big and strong.”

-When I tuck him in to bed at night, he often asks, “Mommy can you lay here with me?” I often say, “Yes I will, let me just run downstairs to grab some water.”

-Some days I promise to take him out for a treat if he accomplishes something great. Now, knowing my overzealous African child, he obviously goes above and beyond the call of duty when the gauntlet has been thrown. So when he comes to collect his well deserved prize, I sometimes will say “We will go out for your treat tomorrow.” Arrrghhh. I feel so bad lying, but sometimes I feel like the truth takes too long or I just have no clue how to tell the truth. With time, I feel like I can confidently pass a polygraph without telling a single truth. I am now the master of lies and of course he catches me in my web of deceit quite often.

Help me. I am now addicted to little white lies. And yes, he does sometimes scold me. No one said moms have to be perfect.

Enjoy the rest of your week. It’s almost Friday!!!!

Lying Thinking Momma

First Day of School

My not so little one started kindergarten yesterday. Being that he’s a mega friendly boy, I knew he would be fine, but I was still nervous. I was cared that he would be mad when I woke him up at 6am to get ready and eat breakfast. I was scared that his teacher might not like him or that he would not fit in with the other kids. I  was also scared that he might not be  as capable as the other kids. In my head I was like: “what if he gets thirsty while in class, will he tell anyone or just get dehydrated?” “what if he needs to use the bathroom? Will he be too shy to tell his teacher?” “I hope he does not pee on himself and get laughed at by all the other kids.” ” what about lunch time? will he be able to eat his lunch?” “What if he is uncomfortable?” “Will his legs cramp on those miniscule doll chairs that they sit on?”

Oh, all the worrying I did yesterday. I spent the entire day at work wondering how my son was doing and praying he would be okay. When I picked him up after school, I knew he had a good day because he was running around without a care in the world and he had a he smile on my face. He did not seem to miss me (which made me happy). He told me all about his day, and his teacher was nice enough to send home a sort little update stating that my kiddo had a “Rootin’ tootin’ scootin’ day at school.” That warmed my heart and now I am confident that all the hard work with him has paid off. Although it is scary to unleash my child into the big bad world, it has to be done. We cannot shelter him forever and school will teach him essential social skills he definitely cannot learn in the living room of our house.

To all the nervous parents, uncles, aunties and grandparents out there-just let your little man or little man go and trust that he or she will be okay. f you have taught your kids well and picked the right school environment, then all you can do is guide them and hope or the best.

I shall sleep like a log this weekend because I can finally breathe normally. The first day of school is over and I can finally make my switch back from worried momma to thinking momma.

Teaching Kids How to Think

It’s Wednesday!!!! This means another quote for all of us to ruminate on. This quote relates to the way we as parents raise our kids.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

-Margaret Mead

The above quote summarizes my entire philosophy of raising kids. I want my children to be able to think for themselves and form opinions on their own. I believe that if you force a child to think your way, then that child will never grow up to be one of the great minds of their generation. Rather, if you just instill in them basic morals such as compassion, kindness, tenacity and patience, then they can be free to think however they want to. I have always believed that it is our duty as parents to expose our children to the realities of life, and allow them to think outside the box. Something that tickles my heart is when my young man asks me questions about the world around him. He is always curious about why people do things and why certain things happen. He wants to know where the sun goes at night, why the man in the store is eating a burger and what I do on the computer. Although, I must confess, sometimes I say, “I am busy,” but when I do have a moment, I like to pick his brain to see what his impressions of the world are. My goal for my kids is for them to have ever evolving and creative minds. I want them to always marvel at the world around them, to be thirsty for knowledge and to grow up to be great inventors and innovators.

My son is also just noticing that there are people of different colors, sizes and shapes all around us. This makes me happy. He notices that our skin color is different from the color of some others around him, and I have found this to be a great teaching moment. I let him categorize people according to whatever color he sees and when he is old enough then I can expand upon the deep discussions about ethnicity and race. But for now, all he knows is that we are all “boys and girls” and we all come in different colors and sizes. Life is beautiful when seen through the eyes of a 4 year old. Let’s all keep learning and growing.

I hope the rest of your week is jolly and smooth.

Thinking Momma

Sleep Woes

So as a mom, I am supposed to be in charge of my kids right? After all, I have only 2 kids. Ugo is almost 5 and Muna is 1, so how hard could it be to wrangle two mini people? Some days are a breeze. They eat their breakfast with no issues, they take their naps and there is no bickering, biting or hitting the entire day. On days like this I feel like I am in heaven and  I can hear the angels singing.

Yesterday was not a perfect day 😦 . Let me rewind. I am currently in the process of phasing Muna out to her own room. For the past year, she has slept on her bed in our room, but because I wake up in the middle of the night to a little girl’s head or hair in my face, I got tired and decided that she has to go. SHE HAS TO GO!! With Ugo, we also moved him to his own room at the age of 1. He was mad at us and screamed for a week straight, but after that week was over, he actually began to love his room. Let me say that Muna is not the same as Ugo. She is far more spirited, knows what she wants out of life and will not stop until she gets what she wants.

So I decided that I would get her comfortable with her new room, fill it up with her toys and the things she likes. The fist day was hell. She screamed like a fox and kept leaving the room. The thing is she is so limber and is not afraid to walk around in the dark. When I put her on her new bed, she lays down for a few minutes, but then rushes back into our room and demands to sleep on our bed. I know I’m supposed to return her back to her bed every time she magically appears in my room, but the thing is that I am so exhausted. I do not do well on an interrupted sleep cycle. The moment I am woken from a nice, dreamy, slumber, it is virtually impossible for me to go back to sleep. I also do not function well on little to no sleep. I don’t do late night sessions. Even when I was in college, I never pulled all nighters. I like to get as much uninterrupted sleep as I can.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. This little one year old is running me and has won the war. She knows that  once she crawls into my bed at 2am, I have no will power to lift my body up from my bed, carry her across the hall and back into her bed. In my mind, I know I have to sacrifice two weeks of sleep to get her used to her new room, but my flesh is really really weak and my flesh also loves good sleep.

In my mind, I say  to myself that I will return her back to her bed when she waltzes in at 2am, but I know I won’t. So for now, I guess I have to get used to waking up with neck cramps because my 1 year old has me twisting and turning in odd positions to avoid squishing her. Plus she has this habit of forcing herself unto my pillow, which means I have to twist my head into an odd unnatural angle. Oh the joys of being a parent.

Like I always say, think about your decisions, for you are forced to lay on the bed you made (I don’t even know how the saying about beds and laying goes for I am in too much pain and my neck is cramping  forcefully).

Happy Friday!!

Thinking Momma