Why I Will NEVER Get A Dog


I have to say, I am a dog lover. There is something that warms my heart when I see a furry silhouette walking by me. I actually grew up owning dogs at several times in my childhood. My dogs were not my pets, they were pretty much my friends. As a teenager, I spent many a day petting, brushing and spoiling my doggies. But sadly, my dogs eventually succumbed to old age and had to be put to sleep because they were in so much pain and were so sick that no one could do anything for them. It was the humane thing to do. I remember the day my mom called me to tell me that the dogs had to be put to sleep. I tell you, my mind was in agony for a while. Both dogs were about 10 years old, so they had been in my life for quite a while.

Now let’s fast forward 5 years later. My son is now dog obsessed and begs me constantly for a dog. Being that he is 5, he will not bear any of the burden that comes with caring for a dog. Look, I have 2 kids and a husband and I have no desire to take on the responsibility of caring for another being. As much as a dog will bring joy to our household, who will wash said dog? Who will bathe him/her? I cannot imagine what will become of me when the friendly dog reaches a ripe old age. Will I have to endure the trauma of losing my dog all over again? My weary heart does not grieve well. I also shudder at the thought of scooping up mounds of animal waste. No thank you sir!! My life is busy enough with juggling family and career that I can’t make space in my heart for one more thing.

Might I also add that my husband and daughter are not the most dog friendly people? My husband shudders every time a four legged creature looks in his direction, and our daughter pretty much has an anxiety attack at the sound of a barking dog. So you see boys and girls, although I love dogs and I think they are God’s gift to us, I will NEVER EVER become a dog owner.

Any thoughts on owning a dog? As usual, comment below 🙂 .

Non-Dog-Owning Thinking Momma