Why I Hate Pregnancy


No I am not pregnant, so hold the congratulations. I have two kids whom I adore and I have no regrets about them. They really are the highlight of my day and they give me countless funny stories to share almost daily. It is also precious watching them grow and develop into wonderful individuals. But when I think back to the 9 months it takes to cook a baby, oh boy!! I would never do it again. NEVER!!

I hear so many women say, “Oh pregnancy is such a joy and a miracle. To feel a baby kick inside you is so wonderful. The pregnancy glow is just gorgeous.” All I can say is “What glow?” I looked like a water buffalo the first go around. I had countless months of nausea and vomiting both times, swollen feet, fingers, ankles and a swollen face the first time. Let’s talk about extreme food aversions. I could not stand the sight of ranch dressing, Caesar dressing, yogurt and so many other random foods that I used to love before.

Pain was also real. The third trimester was hellish. I had random pains just shooting all through my body as well as so many health scares. I was also extremely tired the whole 9 months and sleep deprivation was real. The first go around was wrought with mood swings. One second I would be fine, then all of a sudden I would be on the verge of rage. It was scary for me and for my poor husband.

I will save you my labor and delivery story because that in itself was traumatizing. They say a mom forgets the pain of labor. Well they lied. They LIED. I remember every ounce of excruciating pain that trickled down my spine. I remember exactly how it felt to squeeze a watermelon through the eye of a needle. I love the outcome more than the process of pregnancy. I’ll take a baby any day if I didn’t have to cook him/her in my tired womb.

So boys and girls, people often wonder why I am opposed to birthing another little miracle. The above has all the details. I am so glad I got to experience all those difficulties, for they make me so grateful to have 2 healthy kids and a healthy body. I am thankful for every complication and health scare. They made me tougher and better prepared. They also taught me how to take care of my body better. I hope I haven’t completely scared any preggo women out there. Just remember that I’m the magic 1% or so of women who have dramatically traumatic pregnancies.

On the bright side, TGIF!!!

What is your pregnancy experience?

Relieved Non Pregnant Thinking Momma

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