Potty Training Success


My daughter will be 2 years old next month and I really can’t believe how fast she’s growing. She has been a little chatterbox for the past 6 months. She can tell us all her wants and needs, express her feelings in clear words and basically rule a small country (okay I exaggerate, but we know every mother thinks her child is Einstein’s descendant).

Because she always seems irritated when she soils her diaper and she can tell us before she goes in her diaper, I just assumed she was ready to potty train. Her brother wasn’t talking as well at that age, but he had been using the potty since he was 10 months old. I just thought, potty training would be a breeze for her. And so many moms claim that girls potty train easily. Nope!! It wouldn’t be my life if things ran as planned. My little opinionated princess has told me that the potty is “Eeeewwww!!! Dirty!!! Nasty!!!” Point well taken. I just knew the idea of relieving herself in a small pink princess potty was a no go. So I ditched the potty and chose to respect her wishes. My mom said I never went in a potty, so maybe there’s a genetic potty aversion syndrome in my family.

One day as my husband and I were walking the aisle at Big Lots we spotted a section that had lots of cushy toilet seats. We had her choose the one she liked (she chose Minnie Mouse) and we bought it. It was about $7 so we were both ecstatic (We meaning my husband and I. Our little girl couldn’t care less). From that day on we had her sit on the toilet and she didn’t make any disgusted remarks, so I thought “Wow! This might just work.” No it didn’t. The little miss can sit on the toilet all day but refuses to go.

Imagine my amazement when this morning as I’m applying eye makeup and getting ready for work, I hear my child say, “Help Mommy!” As I draw closer to the bathroom I smell something putrid. Alas my opinionated princess went number 2 IN THE TOILET!!! I can’t express enough how elated, excited, happy and overjoyed I was and still am.

Next thing she said was “Mad!!” Yes she was mad that I had the boldness to make her poop in the toilet. She refused to give me a high 5 and did not give me eye contact for about 5 minutes after that (her punishment for my cruel potty training ways). But there is hope. Maybe my baby will someday be potty trained. I was ready to resign to a life of diaper changes. I even had thoughts of her as a kindergartner still wearing diapers.

Moms and dads there is hope for you. If you are patient enough your little one will be potty trained some day (Just not at the speed, at the time or in the way you want. Those little ones know exactly what they want and we cannot rush the process).

Enjoy your Thursday

Happy Thinking Momma