Lose Weight and Lose Your Friends


As I was driving this wonderful sunny morning, I heard an interesting phenomenon on the radio. Apparently, there is a study out there which says that people lose 1 friend for every 7 pounds of weight loss they achieve. This shocked me. Why would your friends stop hanging out with you simply because you lost a healthy chunk of weight? Well, here are some of my hypotheses:

1) Plain old fashioned jealousy: If many of your friends are overweight and have been secretly yearning to shed some pounds, but have either been unsuccessful at it or have just not gotten around to dieting and exercising, perhaps your weight loss could spark some jealousy. You losing 7 or more pounds could make them feel sad every time they hang out with you. You become the constant reminder of their unattained dreams. Perhaps they might be thinking, “This could be me. I could have lost 7 pounds. She doesn’t deserve her slimmer look.”

2) Birds of a feather flock together: Eating is often a social, bonding experience. Often times groups of friends meet up at bars or restaurants or hang out at home over a nice meal of pasta. Foodies often hang out with foodies. Eating is also comforting. If you’re havingĀ a bad day, your friend might buy you chocolate or other yummy desert. But once you’re on a weight loss kick, but your friends aren’t, you become the instant outsider.

3) Weight loss separates you from the pack: With weight loss often comes a new personality. Perhaps you begin to dress differently, your confidence level changes, your eating habits become different and you might even want to explore new hobbies to go with that new figure. It’s almost like you become a different person and leave your dear friends behind. It’s like the girl who got a kick out of watching old movies while eating popcorn now all of a sudden wants to go out and jog. That’s no fun! Sometimes you unknowingly become the killer of all things fun.

So before you embark on your weight loss journey be aware that 1 or 2 of your friends might kiss you goodbye. Are there any other reasons why weight loss could lead to friendship loss?