Bring Back Our Girls


I am not one who speaks on political issues or talks a lot about heavy topics, but from time to time, something happens in the world and it just hits my core. About three weeks ago (on April 14), over 200 school girls from Chibok-a town in Borno State in Nigeria were abducted by militants. In fact, I’m not even sure exactly how many girls were abducted. It’s been over three weeks now and the Nigerian government has made attempts to sweep it under the rug. I think this is a thing of shame that a government can look the other way as its citizens are terrorized. Luckily social media has picked up on this horrible issue and I’m praying that the Nigerian government will do something positive about it and rescue them. You can find more information on this issue by going to any social media outlet and using the hashtag #bringbackourgirls

I can only pray for the safe return of our girls. Their only crime was going to school to get an education, something I feel every human being has a right to do. These terrorists have threatened to sell our girls.

Stay strong girls!!! We have not forgotten you. BRING BACK OUR GIRLS.

Hopeful Thinking Momma