The Marriage Chronicles

So we all know that raising a family is no easy task. It even gets harder and harder when both parents work outside the home. Now, I am a great believer in the idea that my marriage can stay fresh and young no matter how busy I am. The key is scheduling alone time with my spouse and doing little things throughout the day to remind him why we first fell in love. I like to check up on him with a text or a quick phone call. Sometimes I just let him know how much I appreciate him or I give him little words of encouragement when I know he’s having a tough day.

I also recently just started having date night with him once a month. We can do dinner, wine tasting, a movie, or whatever interests us. Once we went to see Fela-the play. It was something special that we will never forget. Now date nights do not have to cost money. I am well aware that not everyone has a sitter that can watch their kids and not everyone wants to spend extra money during these challenging financial times.

Sometimes we have date night while the kids are asleep. We watch a nice movie together and we cook dinner together-something we’ve always loves. You can raid your closet and pull out the old board games. Be creative. Add some nostalgia into your life. think about some of the things you and your spouse were interested in when you were dating and figure out a way to add that into your busy schedule. Marriage is not a sentence into the land of boredom, rather it provides opportunities for partners to grow their love and to bond.

Also remember to always treat one another with compassion and respect. NO matter how difficult life is or what trials you are facing, know that you both are players on the same team and not bitter rivals. A kind word can disarm and defuse any harsh feelings. It’s all about thinking. Think hard about little ways to show appreciation to your spouse and in time, he or she will return the favor. Have fun enriching your marriage 🙂

Thinking Momma


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